Top 6 Minecraft Bedwars servers in India

Playing screen games has become an enjoyable part of our lives. As day-to-day
civilization progressed, playing video games, mobile or computer games are
becoming more and more popular. 
In this way, the Minecraft Bedwars game is growing popular among us.
But to play the game, players need to have a good server. So, that is why the
topic of the best Bedwars servers in India arises.

Top 6 Minecraft Bedwars Servers

Top 6 Minecraft Bedwars servers in India
We got the Minecraft Bedwars game mode very recently. Probably the time
was around 2021. In India, it came accordingly, and it is already
taking the limelight and gathered more fame than any other game mode. The
servers are playing important roles in the success of this game. 
A player needs a good server system while playing a game. So, the demand for
the best indian Bedwars servers is remarkable. Here are the top 6 most
comfortable and best-using Minecraft Bedwars servers in India.


Top 6 Minecraft Bedwars servers in India
Hypixel can be considered as one of the best Bedwars servers not only inside India
but all over the world. As Hypixel is the current largest server, it
was sure to take the most comfortable spot among game lovers. It has pioneered
and popularized the ultra-modern Bedwars Game Mode

It can dominate all other servers in today’s gaming world. The investment of
Hypixel in Bedwars is remarkable. Hypixel has a multitude of so many exciting
games, with Minecraft Bedwars being one of the most popular. Essentially
Hypixel works as the blueprint of Bedwars, with a lot of other servers copying
each of their moves.

Lucky Network

Top 6 Minecraft Bedwars servers in India

Lucky Network
is one of the large Minecraft servers in India with quite a few
different games. The Lucky Network was introduced as a big Minecraft network.
The server was founded by FacedApollo and FatK in the month of
August 2017
Initially, it was only based in Indonesia. By exposing the server, the
founders managed to create one of the biggest Minecraft servers in the region
of South East Asia in earlier times. But now the server has been upgraded
efficiently and is based out of the United States, in fact, it has a large
international audience. 
This server also has PvP practice along with being the best Bedwars
server to help players upgrade their PvP skills.

Blockdrop Network

Top 6 Minecraft Bedwars servers in India
Blockdrop network is a very famous Minecraft Bedwars server for playing Minecraft Bedwars all
around the world. It is one of the best Bedwars servers in India. The
Blockdrop server focuses in Bedwars mainly. Besides, it has many other game
modes like survival, prison, Skyblock, etc. 
This Minecraft Bedwars server works efficiently on anti-lag gameplay
mode which also makes it comfortable and one of the best servers. It has
different types of lobby divisions so that it can abate entity cramping. 
This Minecraft server provides the best quality of experience to the players.
Almost all the variety of Bedwars maps are available in the Blockdrop network.

Mineplex Network

There was a time when it could be felt that
was the largest network of all time. But day by day we got more other modern
Minecraft Bedwars servers. But still, it can be considered as one of the best
Minecraft Bedwars servers in India. 
It has a vibrant community while the player count has dropped.
Especially, Mineplex has different variants of Bedwars called
Cake Wars. Here players have to protect a cake instead of a bed. Cake
Wars has some minor differences from Bedwars. Some players may enjoy it. 

Pika Network

Pika Network
is an efficient Minecraft Bedwars server designed by experienced people.
Exceptionally it is a well-known cracked server for the Bedwars game mode.
This Minecraft server also offers other modes like Survival,
Skyblock, Skywars, etc. Their Bedwars make them one of the best
Bedwars servers on the top of the list. 
Despite having some already known Bedwars maps, they offer some unique
and handbuilt Bedwars maps. This feature exclusively enhances the experience
of playing the game and also shows their ultimate creativity.

Mineland Network

Mineland is one of those Minecraft servers that offer thousands of other game
modes, including games made by the players themselves. Minecraft Bedwars is
quite famous on the Mineland network. 
It also has executed a very well-made game-play economy and attracted the
players with many exciting bonuses like kits and others. This makes the
players more competitive and comfortable. 
Players have an excellent experience in the Mineland server and that is
why their reviews have made it top-listed as the best Bedwars server all over
the world including India.
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