How to Change Shipping Address & Billing Address in Amazon?

Here in this post, we know about how to change
billing address and shipping address in amazon within just 5 easy
A lot of people are confused about the shipping address and billing address.
Before changing Amazon Billing Address, we should know the difference between
the Billing Address & the Shipping Address in Amazon.
You may have trouble changing the Billing Address and Shipping Address in
Amazon if you don’t know the
difference between the Shipping Address and the Billing Address.
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What is Billing Address in Amazon?

If you buy any product from
Amazon Application, then the address written on your product bill is called a
Billing address our default delivery address is taken as
Billing address.
Billing Address is our permanent address which is verified by any
ID Proof like Credit Card, Debit Card.
If you want to change your Amazon Billing Address and Shipping Address then
you can change easily to follow these 5 steps. Now let’s see
How to Change the Billing Address On Amazon.

How to Change Billing Address in Amazon 

We can change Billing Address in a very easy way here are some steps to change
Billing Address on Amazon, Firstly open your amazon Application and log
in on your phone or laptop. after this follow the below steps carefully.
  • Open Amazon Application
  • Go to the User icon
  • Click on Your Account Option
  • Then Click on Your Addresses
  • Now change your Billing Address
  • Click on Save Changes.
These steps have been written in Detail below,  you will understand
easily using images.
1. Open Your Account on Amazon
Firstly, you have to Open Your Account on Amazon, if you want to log in then
simply give account information Or you can also log in Amazon Website from any
browser to log in.
2. Go to the User Icon
After logging in to your account, you will see a User Icon in the
bottom center of the application. Click on it.
3. Click on Your Account Option
Now in the menu list, you will get the option “Your Account”. Simply
click on Your Account.
4. Now Click on Your Addresses
Now in the “Your Account” Option, you need to click on the
“Your Addresses”
option to go to your addresses. There you can easily change the Billing
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5. Change Your Billing Address and Save Changes
When you click on Your Addresses Option you will see your all addresses
Choose any on the address or click on “Add a New Address” and Change
Address in Amazon.
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After Changing Billing address in Amazon Click on the save option. If you have
any problem regarding this you can tell us by using the comment section, We
will help you. 
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When you buy any of products from amazon and the address in which the product
delivers is called Shipping Address in Amazon. Your product can be
easily delivered through the Shipping Address.
Shipping address can be Office Address, Relatives Address, Work Address, Etc.

How to Change Shipping Address in Amazon

We can also change Shipping Addresses like Billing Addresses in Amazon. There
are some easy steps to change the Shipping Address.
  • Open Your Amazon Account
  • Click on Menu (Bottom Right Corner)
  • Click “Setting” Option
  • Click “Default Purchase Setting”
  • Here you can change the Amazon Shipping Address

 We can also change the Shipping Address while placing the order on


3 Steps to Change Shipping Address in Amazon

  • Go to Amazon Setting Option


  • Open Default Purchase Setting Option
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  • Change the Shipping Address
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What is a Residential Address in Amazon?

The  Address in your ID card (Voter ID, Pan Card) is called Residential
Address in Amazon, Residential Address is Address Proof of your Account. 
You can create a Residential Address You will have to verify any of
your ID card proof such as Debit Card, Credit Card, Pan Card, Etc.
Thank You.

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