How to Remove Or Delete All Widgets on Blogger

Good day, guys! In this essay, I’ll teach you how to delete all widgets or
locked widgets in Blogger
, since when we construct a website on Blogger, we
run into a number of limitations that act as roadblocks to our work. 
The main reason we select bloggers for websites is that we want a website that
is managed for a low cost, but we also want WordPress but don’t have a lot of
money to invest. 
We promise that after reading this article, you will join our community with
complete confidence. Scroll down to find out more about the blogger widget and
how to add it to your website so you can control it the way you want.
How to Remove Or Delete All Widgets on Blogger

Why does Blogger have locked widgets?

If a web designer designs blog templates, they may have to unblock and hide
some essential widgets from being used by users. 
For example, the main menu
including blog comments widgets, posts, and many more. Some widgets aren’t
required and need to be removed from our blog so that our blog is seen as good
and speed fast, like the navbar or the attribution widget or perhaps certain
AdSense widgets, or even certain HTML or JavaScript widgets.

When a designer builds a template, he or she has two options: a free and a
premium version. The premium version unlocks all functionality, including
widget and navbar modification. However, the free version does not allow all
of the functions. So, in this piece, we’ll discuss it.

Why do we need a website widget?

There are three primary sides in the layout section: header, footer, and
widgets. A website is incomplete without a widget, just as it would be without
a header and footer. The widget contains 60-70 percent of the content
A few instances are shown below.

  • AdSense
    is a program that allows you to earn (earn money by displaying
    suitable ads on your website or blog.)
  • Publish a Featured article (Publish a special article on your website or
  • Finding an article  (Let guests search your article or blog.)
  • Add code to your blog with third-party functionality like JavaScript or
  • You can share details about yourself with your website visitors by adding
  • If you do link your post with older posts, then your website visitors can
    easily navigate your blog.
  • Page header (display the title and description of your blog.)
  • Subscribers (Displays a list of users who follow your blog.)
  • You can add images to your web page from your laptop or desktop. 
  • You can show all labels of articles on your blog, because to identify any
    object labels are used.
  • You can share your list of stand-alone pages on your blog or website.
  • You can add text messages to your website or blog.

  • Popular Article
    – you can share a list of the most famous articles on your
    website or blog.

  • Stats
    – You can share the number of pages views on your blog or website.
  • RSS or Atom feed add in your blog content.
  • Display your favorite article on your blog.
  • Symbol (Show your Blogger pride by adding a logo to your page.)

  • Links to subscriptions
    (Let your readers easily subscribe to your blog
    with popular feed readers.)

  • Rephrase
    (Let visitors translate your blog into different languages.)

  • Make a list
    (Add a list of your favorite books, films, or anything that
    you like.)
  • Use this form to reach us (Add a contact form to your blog.)

  • Wikipedia
    is a free online Encyclo (With this gadget, you can quickly,
    conveniently, and easily search on Wikipedia for articles or full text.)
  • Credit (display the attribution information for your blog)
  • Abuse should be reported (Report inappropriate content)

How to Remove Or Delete All Widgets on Blogger

Now let me show you how you can remove them first. I recommend you to backup
your templates
by going to them, clicking on backup, and downloading a backup
copy of your templates.
Then open up the edit HTML and now you need to get the right widget id there
are several ways to get the id even by coming back to your layout page and
opening up the widget that you want you will find the dire id on the top URL
bar just Click here or by using this menu to select the widget that you want I
need you to focus with me on this code line.
<b:widget id=’HTML5′ locked=’true’ title=’Widget Title’ type=’HTML’>
You should find this tag-locked true all you need to do is to replace this
word true with false save your templates.
That’s okay now if we come back to the same widget and make a quick refresh
you should be able to see the remove button and you can remove the widget from
it you can apply the same method to the rest of the widgets but please take
your attention and make a backup copy before any editing. 
I hope you like our post and it seems informational. If you face any problems
about it then comment down below.
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If you can’t able to find the locked widget in “Jump To Widget” option than maybe it can be HTML/JavaScript widget and there in Jump To Widget that kind of widgets are having HTML5, HTML2, HTML4, names so you maybe facing problem in finding your locked HTML/JavaScript widget so let’s locate that kind of widget in HTML editor.
How to Remove Or Delete All Widgets on Blogger

First of all, when you remove all widgets and blocks we recommend creating a
backup of your template. If you face any problem with widgets removing time,
then share your problem in the comment box. Our team is ready for solving your

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