The Importance of Backlinks | What is PageRank and Link Quality

Generally, If Your site has no incoming links from other websites then your
site will not be indexed in google. You Should have at least one incoming
link from another website.
Exchanging links with other sites is a tedious, time-consuming process.
However, without a backlink, you will not rank well on Google for your keywords.
Backlinks from Other Sites also help to increase your site traffic.
You get a high ranking on Google, which means more people will find your website
because of you being near the top of search results for particular keywords.
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Which Links Factors Used In The Ranking Algorithm

Links factors include that part of the Google ranking algorithm that
shows the page importance, which is primary dependent on
PageRank ( PR ).
1. PageRank: The quantity and strength of links that point to your
2. Link Quality: In Google ranking algorithm LINK QUALITY is also an important factor, this is not part of the PageRank calculation.
Link quality is defined by keyword factor, which was the previous post 
click here to know about Keyword Factor. 

What is PageRank?

PageRank measures the number of incoming links to give a web page
and its relative strength. generally, the more links you have that points to
your website are better for your ranking, and it increases the PageRank of the
linked page. It’s also called link popularity.
The greater number of other links on a page, the weaker strength of each
particular link. Each link is a “Vote” for your page which is linked to,
and the strength of Vote is divided equally among all other links on the page. This means if someone has a link to your site on their web page with other 100
links, so you don’t get any good value from that page.

We will discuss on this topic in next post : Keep Updated us 🙂

What is Link Quality?

Google tries to give the most relevant result from any given search term.
Google does so is by searching and analyzing keywords on the web pages of another
website that link to your website. It means your site is linked to their link
text, the title of their links page, and the content of their links page. 
The quality of links may be as important as the number of links to your
You could have 100s of pages linked to your site, but if the text of those
links doesn’t match your primary keyword or if the linked page content is not
related to your site those types of links or sites won’t add any good boost to
your ranking.
If the only quantity of links to a site was important, then every site on the web
will link unlimited links with every site and the largest number of links
would be number 1 with given keywords,
The quality of a link on another site that points to your site is
determined by the following factors.
  1. Text of the incoming links : Does it contain your keyword
  2. Text of other links on the same page: do they also contain your keyword??
  3. Title of the linking page: does it contain and relate to your keyword or

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