Jio Phone Next Launch Date & features

The country’s richest person Mukesh Ambani has thought of launching Jio’s new phone. This time Jio is launching a new Android phone in collaboration with
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Which will have all the features of an Android phone and it will be a touch phone. The company is about to launch a cheaper and better smartphone for the budget buyer by launching a new phone. Many features will be available in this
phone named JioPhone Next and for this Google and Jio Engineers together have
prepared a new Android version that will run on JioPhone.
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Jio phone next

At this time 423 million people have joined with Jio. Play Store will also be available on this phone and you will be able to use all types of applications. And it will be a touch screen phone which will also be 4G and also this phone will be available at a low price.
JioPhone Next has been made jointly by Google and Reliance Jio and both the companies made an optimized android version for it under JioNext which can be used in the phone and all Android apps like YouTube and other apps can be run.
This phone is completely made in India

Jio phone next launch date

There is still a delay in getting information about the Jio New Phone launch date.
The company will tell information about the phone specifications and launch the date on Oct.15, so you will have to wait a bit for this phone and maybe
the phone will be launched on Oct. 15 and at the same time you will get
information about its price
According to the company, there are 310 million people in the Indian market
who are preparing to buy a smartphone for the first time, so the company will
first, launch the phone keeping these users in mind

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