How to Download Windows 11 in Pc | Window 11 Features

More recently, Microsoft has announced about its new Windows OS. Which will be
completely different from all the old OS such as Windows 8,10 and Windows 11
installer will get a new experience on PC, so if you do not know about Windows
11 insider preview, requirements and  download. Then you are absolutely
right place.

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It was thought that after the arrival of Windows 10, now Microsoft will no
longer make a further OS. 

But Microsoft recently launched Windows 11 and gave a big We are no less.

According to the news, it will have all the features of Windows 10 and will
also get many new features.

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Window 11 features- 

To run Android apps on Windows, an emulator had to be used. But in Windows 11
these new features will come, the user will not need to download any software

Widgets- Now every file and software will get a widget round.And it will look
so much better than before

New Interface – In window 11, this time the menu bar will be seen in the
center A Kind all the icons will be seen with soft flag. it will have a
different look

Integrated Android app – Android apps can be installed in this window, you can
use them For this, the user will be given Amazon App Store, from there any
Android app can be installed and used on his laptop You will also be able to
use apps like whstapp and instagram.

Virtual desktop support – The user will get complete virtual desktop
support, as the user sees in Mac, the user can use it for multiple tasks
according to his own

 How to Window 11 Download?

Many users want to upgrade their windows There are many users who want to
download windows 11. But first, let us understand what are the requirements to
download windows 11.

Window 11 system Requirements :

Processor – Processor must be at least 1GHz and 2 core processor
compatible with 64-bit processor and compatible with System Ona 

Memory – This system requires at least 4 when RAM

Storage: Must have at least 64GB of storage to download and install the

Display: Must be more than 9 inches and support at least 720p

Graphics card: Must have a graphics card that supports DirectX 12

Download windows 11:

You can download or install windows 11 in this way If you want, You can
download and install it while updating your pc. You must have an active
computer then only you will be able to upgrade windows 10 to windows 11.

You open the computer and Search Settings from the search bar and go to it. in
Settings, you will get the option of Update & Security, click on it. Click
on Check for Updates here and wait a bit. You can download and install it as
soon as it is available in your system This is the easiest way to upgrade
windows  In this the user does not need to boot the system.

Within a year, you will get windows 11 Pc or laptops in the market

How much will Windows 11 pc cost?

– There will be many models available so its price Depends on its

Whatever software, applications are working on Windows 10, they will all work
on Windows 11 and users can use them

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