How Does Google Rank Website | How to Rank website on First Page

When Google’s ways of ranking websites are not always clear, and certainly
never easy, there are many ways, conditions, and techniques inside the
structure of an SEO to climb that rank. 
Keep your content relevant, updated, and continue to build your linking,
integrate relevant keywords and phrases, and assert your site authority by
doing so.
Here you find How Does Google Rank Website and How to rank website
on the first page
How Does Google Rank Website, How to rank website on first page
How Does Google Rank Website

How Does Google Rank Website

Google uses 2 algorithms for ranking websites:

1. Sophisticated Algorithm

2. Proprietary Algorithm

These Algorithms use more than 100 different criteria in the calculation,
each of the criteria given a different weighting which can change time by time.
Because this algorithm can change techniques that used to work well may no
longer work well after the change.

You should always try, test, and update your efforts.

Google usually takes around 4-12 months for measurable results to rank website
if you implement a targeted SEO campaign.

Google’s algorithm can be broken into 2 major groups of factors :

1. On-page (Keyword) Factors: 

These keyword factors include how, where, and when keywords are used in blog posts and how well your website is optimized for your keywords.

Keywords factors determine PAGE RELEVANCE.

2. Off-page (LINK) Factors: 

These factors include the quantity and quality of backlinks that point to your
website. Link factors are strongly related to google page ranking (PR). 

Link Factors determine PAGE IMPORTANCE.

Fact : Google does not publish information about it’s PageRank

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Keywords are strongly related to search terms – Those words and
phrases that enter in a search engine to find specific information or other

Most people enter 2 to 5-word phrases in google to find related information
after entering search terms google analyzes all pages that are indexed into
google which contain these search terms.

How well you can optimize the use of keywords that comprise your site, will
fastly influence your ranking with Google.

Google determines the most relevant web pages based on a hypertext search and
analysis of your site and of other sites that contain links to your site which
is called backlinks.


Off-page factors are all about links – their quantity, quality,
and strength.

Google looks for backlinks that point your website from other websites.
Backlinks help us to increase a PageRank value on your site.

The more backlinks that link to your site, the more important Google
thinks your site is, and the higher your PageRank value can be.

The site that is highly optimized for particular keywords can outrank sites that
are less optimized but have higher PageRank values.

Google assigned PageRank value after comparing every page on every site
in the google index against one another.

PageRank:  PageRank is a calculation that values websites based on the quality and
quantity of links to a webpage, prescribing a rank number as a result.

NOTE : When internet marketers speak of increasing your link popularity,
they are generally talking about increasing the quantity and quality of your

Thank You. 

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