4 Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress Websites in 2023

4 Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress Websites

In nowadays, Social media is the most important part of our life; people
begin their day with social media platforms and end their day by using
social media platforms to make new friends and stay updated with the
newest internet trends.


Social media platforms have a huge impact on businesses and brands over the
world. Using social media platforms businesses make dedicated social media
marketing that helps businesses to generate more audience and attract them to
buy or use their brands on social media platforms.
Using social media feeds on the website is a highly common way to get
great results for businesses. So in this blog, we will discuss on best social
media feeds plugin for WordPress Websites. These Plugins attract visitors to
your website.

Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress Websites

1. Social Feed Gallery

Social Feed Gallery WordPress Plugin

Social Feed Gallery
allows you to join the social media feeds from different social media
platforms and display them on your website beautifully. You can collect
the feed from platforms like
Facebook, Twitter, 
Instagram, Pinterest and etc.
Social Feed Gallery is a user-friendly plugging that provides great
features and templates. This plugin allows you to display the feed in
different styles like vertical-style using the widget with the description of
the feed and also provides security features like hiding display pictures,
post date, or caption.

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2. Feed Them Social

Feed Them Social WordPress Plugin

Feed Them Social
is an easy to install WordPress plugin; it provides the social media feed from
social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and etc. the Feed Them Social plugin keeps your website engaging interactive.
Features Provided by Feed Them Social Plugin

  • Easy to Install and Setup.
  • View your Facebook Page, Album Photos, or Album Covers.
  • Add as many social feeds as you need.
  • Display social feeds on any post, page, or sidebar.
  • Easily generate all the short codes you need for any feed with our simple
    short code generator.
  • Responsive Social Feeds.
  • Customize Font Colors.
  • Share options for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube feeds.
  • Add Like and/or Follow Buttons above or below any feeds.

3. Flow-Flow Social Stream Plugin

Flow-Flow Social Feed Stream

Flow-Flow Social Feed Stream
is a multi-purpose social media plugin that allows to display of a
mix of social media feeds in responsive galleries and widgets beautifully. You can add the custom Facebook feed, Instagram feed, and
Twitter feed mixed in one gallery.
Features of Flow-Flow Social Feed Stream:
  • AJAX loading and Page Speed optimized
  • Easy one-click API authentication for Instagram and Facebook
  • Fast CSS3 transitions and animations
  • Hardware-accelerated CSS3 3D Transforms
  • Optimized for any screen sizes and Touch Devices
  • Responsive layout and advanced responsiveness settings
  • Social media counters like comments, likes, views
  • Sharing buttons to increase user engagement
  • Rich design settings
  • Networks sorting and search bar on top of your stream
  • Loading more posts to grid via AJAX
  • Exclude posts by words, usernames, or URLs
  • Drag & Drop grid card builder

4. 10Web Social Photo Feed

10Web Social Photo Feed

10Web Social Photo Feed
is a free and user-friendly Instagram plugin that allows you to
show Instagram feed on your site. This plugin will take a couple of
minutes to set up and customize according to your needs and its features
will allow you to take 100% control over how to display the feeds and the
content on your site.
10Web Social Photo Feed for Instagram is a perfect fit for
bloggers, photography, travel, and food blogs, and for WordPress
users that want to fill up their feed with the latest images and videos
from their Instagram profiles.
Features in 10Web Social Photo Feed:
  • Blog Style Layout feeds
  • Image metadata (Instagram tag, image caption, comments, like)
  • Mixed and multiple feeds.
  • Fully Customizable Themes
  • Vertical/horizontal filmstrip in lightbox
  • HTML5 Video Support in Lightbox
  • Blog Style and Image Browser views for displaying Instagram videos
  • 15 Lightbox transition effects
  • Social sharing buttons.
  • Infinite scroll for the feed.
  • Instagram Comments display in Lightbox
  • Instagram Hashtag filtering options

Final Words on Social Media Plugins for WordPress Websites

Display social media feeds on the website is a smart way to
gather more people. As social media feeds add an attractive look to
your website and make it engaging.
Above mentioned plugins are easy to install and run; you can
easily set up and use them on your site. So go ahead and use these
plugins and comment down which one is best according to you.

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