3 Best Ways to View Your Followers on Twitch 2023

Twitch is one of the most popular and
largest streaming platform in the world of streaming application. On
Twitch you can find anything like gamer’s streaming, teacher’s streaming,
and much more for their viewers. 

For any social media platform followers are everything. they are the one who
drive you to grind those hours on the streaming and motivate you to do it more
and more.
Now a days, there are many people on the internet looking for how to view
followers on twitch after the redesign of the twitch. So here in this article
we will shows you to how you can view your followers list and how many ways to
view your followers on twitch.

How to View Your Followers on Twitch

3 Best Ways to View Your Followers on Twitch 2022
Most of the users use their laptop or desktop to stream or watch streams on
twitch. The mobile application was specifically designed to access the users
you follow and also for watching streams but twitch official application bring
lot of features like stream directly to twitch from your mobile phone. So both
types of users have same query on how they can check the twitch follower on
their mobile phone.

How to Check Twitch Follower Using Smartphone

Follow below steps carefully to check twitch follower on smartphone. Let’s get
Step 1: Download the Twitch mobile app on your smartphone
according to your OS.
Step 2: After installing, log in to your account and hove on the
profile icon on top left corner and click on that
profile icon.
Step 3: Once again tap on your profile icon and it will redirect
you to the twitch profile where you can see your followers list.
That’s it.

How to Check Twitch Follower on Desktop or PC

Twitch’s official desktop version is pretty good and you will able to find all
the details like list of Twitch followers. Twitch has its own desktop
application for windows and macOS but the twitch application and
web version are the almost same. So follow below steps to
view your followers on twitch using windows, macOS desktop browser.

Step 1: Open the Twitch desktop application or Visit twitch
website twitch.tv
and sign into your twitch account.

Step 2: Move your eyes to the right corner and tap on your
profile picture.
Step 3: In the dropdown, select “Creator Dashboard”.
Step 4: Under the creator dashboard, click on the Community.
Step 5: Now click on the Follower List.
Step 6: In the Follower list you will able to watch the list of all the
That’s it.

Check Twitch Followers by using CommanderRoot Tool

A very important tool created by @CommanderRoot using this tool you can
check your twitch followers and other insights like Twitch follow age, Twitch
bit follow and more in just a single click without login with your twitch
account. Follow below step to check follower using CommanderRoot Tool.
Step 1: Go to Twitch Tool Website:
Step 2: Just enter Twitch Username in the column.
Step 3: Click on Show Followers Button.
That’s it.

Conclusion for Best Ways to Views Your Followers on Twitch

Almost everyone wants to be a streamer or gamer. This allows us to earn living
by what actually love doing. Your followers are everything for you and you
should take care of it and you should pay attention to your followers. Avoid
follow for follow and buying twitch bot followers it will dangerous for your
twitch account.
Thank You.

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