How to Watch 3D Movies and Video on Pc / Laptop

How to Watch 3D Movies and Video on Pc / Laptop

Nowadays, in the world, the popularity of 3D TV shows, 3D videos, and 3D
movies is becoming a strong technology to attract people around the world. The
reason behind 3D Videos and Movies create a unique illusion that feels
like it happening around us and gives a mind-blowing experience to us. But now
the question is How to Watch 3D Movies on PC or Laptop With Polarized 3D Glass.

If you think that watching 3D videos or movies you must need to go to Cinema
hall or Theaters And for 3D-TV  you need a heavy budget to buy this but
don’t worry buddy because you can watch 3D movies using your own Laptop and
So here in this article we will explain
How to Watch 3D Movies on Your Laptop or PC using Polarized Cinema

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Watching 3D Movies on PC with 3D Glasses on Laptop or PC 

There is two main use of 3D technology, one called Anaglyph 3D and the
second one is Polarized 3D
Polarized 3D: Polarized 3D uses a filter that will allow only images
that have same polarization. We will usually uses these glasses in
Cinema Hall and 3D-TV.

Anaglyph 3D: It encodes images used by each eye using filters of
different – different colors ( Like Red & Cyan). It’s usually found in
normal displays like PC, TV and Mobile Phones.
For watching 3D movies or YouTube 3D videos using normal display then you need
Anaglyph Glasses and also need software to play the 3D
Did You Know That
The basic idea of 3D images is that each of your eyes must see a slightly
different image, and the technique for creating this illusion of depth in an
image is called

Requirement for Watching 3D Movies in PC

1. 3D Glasses

You must need 3D Anaglyph or 3D Polarized Glasses to watch 3D Movies. You can
find this on Amazon.

2. 3D Video & Software

You need to download a 3D Video or Movie file and you can check that a 3D
movies file played with a normal video player it will show two different
images side by side.
So you just need to Install Software Like :
> Playing a 3D Movie file is very simple in KM Player.
Step 1. Open the 3D file in KM Player.
Step2. You will see the 3D Button at the bottom left. Click
on the 3D button and wear your 3D Polarized Glasses. Enjoy!
>  You can also use VLC Player to watch 3D Videos following the below
Step 1. Open the 3D video file in the VLC media player.
Step 2. Click on the “Tools” and then select the
“Effect and filters” option from the drop-down menu.
Step 3. Click on the “Video Effect” tab and in this section
click on the “Advanced” tab.
Step 4. In the Advanced tab, click the checkmark on Anaglyph 3D
Step 5. Enjoy.
Thank You.

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