Google Page Rank Algorithm – How to Increase PageRank on Google

In this post, we will understand What is PageRank, How PageRank Work
and What role PageRank plays in getting ranked in google.
All About Google Page Rank Algorithm | How To Increase PageRank on Google

PageRank (PR) is a numeric value that Google places on how important a page is
on the web. PageRank is defined by how many incoming links there are to a
webpage. The more incoming links there are for a webpage, the more important
the webpage for Google.
Many people over-hype the importance of PageRank and therefore introduce worry
and confusion that is not warranted. It is a single factor in the overall
google ranking algorithm.

Google PageRank Vs Google Search Result Ranking 

Some people confuse Google PageRank with their ranking for a certain
search result for a particular keyword. Google PageRank is only one factor
that is used to determine your webpage’s actual rank on the search result page
for the given search term.
It is not uncommon to see a webpage with a lower PR that gets a higher rank on
the search results page than a webpage with a higher PageRank. This shows that
PageRank is not an important factor for ranking

A properly keyword-optimized site with lower PageRank can outrank a
non-optimized site with a higher PageRank.

This is a common scenario for large websites. That site may have a high
PageRank as a result of the large number of other sites that are linked to
this site but also this website is outranked due to their lack of keyword
optimization for their webpages.

How to Increasing Google PageRank?

Each webpage of your website has a PageRank value. How you structure your
internal link can influence to an extent what the PageRank value of a page
will be, as will external link point to a page on your website. 
You Should really trying to increase your total site PR value.

Two Ways to Increase PageRank of Your Site :

1. Get More
Incoming Links
that point to your website.

2. Add new page to your website which was discussed in a last chapter.
The number of webpage in the google index increases so does the total PR value
of the entire web and also does the high end of the overall scale used.
You should always strive to get more links that point to your site otherwise
your start slipping in ranking due to PageRank value for incoming links, This
is also you should add a new webpage to your website on a regular day, as
additional pages will help to increase your Sites total PR score too.

Google PageRank Being Replaced?

PageRank PR is calculated once a month for every page in Google. The
PR score for a page is static until the next time around PR is calculated, and
is computed based on ALL links points to a page.
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There is evidence to suggest that google will be replacing PR with
LocalRank, which computes a link score based only on an incoming link
from pages that are returned. Its means that a coding site only gets links
counted from another site that is related to coding not from other sites.
PageRank has been abused as more people try to get as many links as possible
to their site. By using LocalRank, google will filter out irrelevant
links that have thrown the value of PR off in the past.

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