Fabulous Application Review 2022: Daily Planner & Habit Tracker

Fabulous Application Review 2022: Daily Planner & Habit Tracker

Fabulous: Application Review 2022

In the present society, people are so much busy with their own world. We all
have to play a hard role to balance our lives. Somewhere in between these, we
can not maintain a particular routine. As a result, sometimes we get stressed,
frustrated, and disturbed. That affects us mentally and physically sometimes.
We lose the balance. 
Fabulous – Daily Planner & Self-care Habit Tracker is an app that
makes a true sense of supporting us when we can not arrange our life’s routine
in a proper way. It helps in making daily schedules as a true guide. 

Work of the Fabulous Application:

Fabulous Application’ helps in improving our everyday life by adding a productive task.
Their intention is not only to make those tasks complete by us. They want the
tasks to get added to our daily life as a habit. That habit will definitely
shine and our lives will be smoother. 
If we follow, this app has the guts to make us become that complete person we
all have dreamt of. Undoubtedly it does work so efficiently. 
We must know the process of using ‘Fabulous Application’ as many of us
may not know it yet. 

How to Setup & Use Fabulous

It is very easy to get this app. We just have to search for the app on
Google Playstore. Then it needs to be downloaded and installed on our
smartphones. Before that make sure that our phones are connected to the
internet. Here we have almost four options to start with and we can start with
any of them. 
Using ‘Fabulous Application’ is very cool. If we selected the first
task then from the beginning, we shall be notified with the ‘Morning Ritual‘. A dashboard shows the goals and our progress towards them. It helps us to
track our performance. We can observe our current and past status, success
rate, and monthly overview. We can set it up as per our requirements. 
We can get an option in the downwards-right, ‘Make Me Fabulous.’
Whenever we have some free space, we can give a try to these different and
interesting activities. There are six sub-options to become fabulous.
In every section there, we can find the different things to go with. They are
exercise, power nap, focused work, meditating, yoga, and stretching
In every section, we have some time-based tasks to complete. 
There are some exciting challenges or targets we have to achieve. From the
very first day, we have to create some good habits. ‘Fabulous Application‘ will help in building the habits through its daily tasks. 
We can set up an alarm as a reminder every morning. The app will remind you of
the tasks to start with. Thus we have to complete the task to unlock the next
The application has been designed in such a brilliant way that really works as
a booster. It is one of the user-friendly apps. In the app, there is an option
like ‘Motivator‘ that helps you to complete your target. 
Every time after completion of a task, we get a letter from the app. Though it
is an automatic process, still it works like a report card somewhere. 
As soon as we finish the old challenges, new challenges get unlocked
and we have to reach all of them. After a week of maintaining the said tasks,
a letter will appear as a weekly report. It will show the deeds and encourage
for the betterment.
In Total there are four journeys. The first one is an unexpected one. As we
proceed with it, the next one gets unlocked to fix a new task. There are
several small-type options to go within the app. 

Why Fabulous is Best For Changing Habits:

The founders of ‘Fabulous’ had an aim behind making this particular
application. For the goodwill of mankind, they wanted a behavioral change in
people’s daily lives who are unable to lead a good one. This app has also been
awarded as ‘The App Of The Year’ on Google Playstore. 
This is a friendly app for both android and ios users. We also can
install the same on desktops or laptops. But it is mainly a
smartphone-friendly app. 
Sami Ben Hassine, the owner of ‘Fabulous Application’, wanted to upgrade people’s
lives to a better place with their invention.
Fabulous – Daily Planner & Self-care Habit
Tracker will help all of them to lead a fit and fresh life. Only giving tasks
or doing exercises is not their main motto. ‘Fabulous Application’ is
just here to inspire the people and make them ready with fresh and positive

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Final Word for Fabulous App Review:

Standing in the twenty-first century it is now very natural that technology
can play a friendly role in anything. Humans discover innovative things with
the help of technology and science and the ‘Fabulous’ app is one of
them. It binds human life to a certain rhythm, helps to be guided in the right
Last but not the least, if we need to lead a better and healthy life we have
to use the ‘Fabulous – Daily Planner & Self-care Habit Tracker app.
Keep in mind, the ‘Fabulous’ application is for a fabulous life.
Thank You.

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