Top 5 OBS [Open Broadcaster Software] Studio Plugins

Obs studio top 5 plugins free software for live streaming or video
recording. It is accessible on Windows, Mac, and Linux. OBS Studio is
open-source, so plugins are possible by almost anyone.

This is important for streamers who use OBS Studio daily as plugins can
increase the software’s functionality. You can customize your stream further
using Obs studio top 5 plugins and APIs in this open-source app.

Top 5 OBS [Open Broadcaster Software] Studio Plugins

OBS is used for streaming and recording. You can stream or record with
many sources such as many cameras, many display, text, HTML, CSS, and live

OBS is used almost by every streamer that you follow. And the best part? It’s
free. You can be a professional with a logo and good scene transitions.

It can be confusing for a beginner to set up discord because it offers so many
options and so many buttons. Don’t worry! We have covered enough information
to help beginners understand OBS basics.

Now that you know what OBS Studio is and why plugins are so important, let’s
go to our list of the five Obs studio top 5 plugins. There might be
some bonus stuff as well. 

Here is a quick overview of the OBS plug-ins we will be looking at in
this article:

  1. StreamFX 
  2. SE.Live
  3. OBS WebSocket
  4. Close caption OBS Plugin
  5. VTS plugins

StreamFX – OBS Plugins

Top 5 OBS [Open Broadcaster Software] Studio Plugins, StreamFX OBS Plugnis

plugin was developed by Xaymar. This plugin adds critical functionality
like Blur or 3D Transform. You can now blur sources and add
3D effects to your stream. The possibilities are limitless.

We should check out a portion of its most eminent elements and
Obs studio top 5 plugins.

Blur This filter has many blur options
(Box, Gaussian, and Dual Filtering)
. It also allows you to select how the blur should be applied
(Area/Directional, Rotating/Rolling, or Zoom), and lets you choose the
mask that you prefer to blur the area.

Displacement Mapping: Move the Source pixels in any way that you wish –
make a whirl or zoom in.

Source Mirror can duplicate the video and the audio of any source. It allows
you to apply filters to both without affecting either source. It can scale the
video to fit your desired area using any one of the obs supported scaling
modes. You have unlimited Source Mirrors, so don’t limit yourself to one

3D Transform This filter allows you to manipulate, scale, scale, and
rotate your Source in 3D space. Mirrors can be created on a table, floor, or
in a room. You have many options and can pick what you want! 


SE.Live OBS Plugins

Top 5 OBS [Open Broadcaster Software] Studio Plugins, obs plugins

SE.Live was developed
by folks at StreamElements. This plugin adds integrated StreamElements
Chat and Activity Feeds, as well as integrating OBS Studio with

SE.Live lets users see how many viewers they have,
manage alerts, refresh overlays and have media requests. It works with
Twitch and Mixer as well as Facebook.

OBS WebSocket (+ Touch Portal and Deckboard)

Top 5 OBS [Open Broadcaster Software] Studio Plugins, OBSWebsocket Plugins

plugin allows other programs and OBS to be connected to OBS to offer more
functionality. How can we find the right apps to get the best Obs studio top 5
plugins We’ve got you covered

We offer 2 app suggestions that mimic Elgato’s stream deck.
Deckboard Riva Farabi designed this app. She requires both an Android
Phone (and a Windows Computer) and it is one of my favorite apps. This app
supports Twitch, Spotify, and StreamLabs OBS. It can be found here ( Touch
Portal website).

Closed Captioning OBS Plugins

Top 5 OBS [Open Broadcaster Software] Studio Plugins, closed captioning obs plugins

Closed Captioning OBS plugin
offers Closed Captioning through Google Cloud Speech Recognition API.
This plugin is standalone and does not must any other tools. It was integrated
with Twitch’s CC Support, so viewers can click on the CC button and enable it
in the same way that it works on Twitch’s self-hosted events streams like
TwitchCon. Rat with a compiler here.

This plugin works both live and in VODs. The plugin is optional for the
viewer. It supports many languages. This plugin would make your streams easier
to access.

VST plugins (ReaPlugs)

Top 5 OBS [Open Broadcaster Software] Studio Plugins, ReaPlugs VST Obs plugins

If you’re streaming or recording video, audio is essential. People won’t stay
if the sound quality is bad. It’s an essential aspect of streaming.
OBS Studio

already includes tons of audio filters that can produce amazing results. But,
what if I said we can go one step further with OBS Studio?

OBS Studio supports VST Plug-ins. Reaper, also known as
ReaPlugs VST Suite, is one of the most used VST Plugins sources.  The best Obs studio top
5 plugins useful article for you.

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