How to View and Sync Global Address list with outlook contacts?

Do you have any idea how to empower the programmed sync with
Outlook Contacts and the
Global Exchange List with Outlook Contacts?


How to Sync Global Address list with outlook contacts?

What exactly is the Global Address List? 

Global address list contain information about the email addresses of
corporate users as well as their distribution groups. Global Address List is
an important instrument for companies that allow employees to interact with
one another.

Global Address List is a managed address book, which contains contacts of
employees including names, addresses, as well as email addresses. Be aware
that an IT department manages Global Address List and keeps Global Address
List on an exchange server. With Global Address List your business can
transfer the email addresses of employees from one service to another. 


It is possible to
sync your global address book with Outlook contacts by selecting all
connections, and then clicking on the names of the people you wish to focus
on. In this manner, the Global Address List will be shown on contacts’ Outlook
and cell phones. 

What is the Synching of Global Address List and Outlook Function?

Be aware that at times the contact management software syncs an instance of
Global Address List to the contacts folder within the mailboxes of employees.
Thus, whenever there are any changes to Global Address List the software
synchronizes the changes to the devices of users. 


To use this service, your employees will be given a copy of the address book
of your company. Once the contacts are stored in the employees’ mailboxes of
Outlook on their phones, they will sync the contacts. Then, addition,
deletion, and other changes are performed to bring the contacts up-to-date. In
this way, it is vital to recollect that there is no extra programming expected
for the tablet to work on the sync.

With Global Address List sync, you can import global addresses into the user’s
mailbox contacts.

How do I add Global Address List Contacts to Outlook?

In this tutorial, we will teach you the essential steps you should follow to
add Global Address List contacts within your Outlook. The following article
will provide a brief overview of these steps.

If you are using Outlook open, select the address book under the search

  1. Choose the Advanced Find option. 
  2. Enter your name and the person you want to locate. 
  3. If the name is visible in the search results Double-click it.
    Following that, the new window will show the contact information of the
    person you’re interested in. 
  4. Click on the add to contacts choice.
  5. If possible it is possible to change the information of the person in the
    window that opens.
  6. Save the changes, then close.

Syncing Global Address Lists with Outlook

The synchronization of Global Address List in conjunction with Outlook
can be done to ensure that the contacts list on your PC is stayed up with the
latest. Furthermore, synchronization helps to ensure that all changes made to
Global Address List are displayed on your gadgets. 

If you’re looking to connect Global Address List (GAL) with
Contacts, you have to follow the steps below.

Select the tab send/receive’ for the option to download the address book.
You’ll notice that the option “download” has changed since the last
Send/Receive in the address book for offline has been marked.

Click OK to finish the procedure.

After that, all changes are made and your email program is completely in sync.

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How to view a Global Address List within the Outlook Contact Folder

These steps will help you see the Global Address List within your Outlook
Contact Folder:

  • Start Outlook and then click “new” to open a new mail window
  • Click the ‘address book’ button, then choose
    ‘Global Address List’ from the drop-down menu
  • Select the entries you’d like to transfer to your contacts folder.

Then, right-click on the sections you need to add and pick
“Add to Contacts”. The cycle ought to be finished in a short

If you need help with
how to connect Global Address List and Outlook contacts Contact
Interzoo for help.

Advantages of Synchronizing the Global Address Book in Outlook Contacts
Outlook Contacts

  • A synchronizing Global Address List utilizing Outlook contacts will help
    your organization, as depicted in the following segment.
  • Synchronizing Global Address List to Outlook contacts must not install more
    programs on your tablet or phone.
  • It is not necessary to have the involvement of the user so no expenses are
    for training or deployment.
  • Synchronization is an effortless process using the exchange server.
  • Synchronization allows the distribution of a different address list to
    various users
  • Quick incremental updates define the procedure

The Final Thoughts on the most proficient method to Sync the Global Address
Book with Outlook Contacts

Synchronizing the global address book with Outlook contacts is crucial to
ensure effective management of communications within your company. With the
help of innovative technology such as Itrezzo’s contacts manager, users can
sync their global address list with Outlook contacts in a very short amount of

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