Google Adsense Earnings Per 1000 Views | How Much Does Adsense Pay Per 1000 Views


Friends, whenever someone gets a new approval of Google Adsense for their
website.Then the question definitely comes to everyone’s mind that
how much money does Google Adsense pay on 1000 page view 
And this question has definitely come in your mind, so you are reading
this article
So you are on the right article.

In today’s article, you will be told
how much money Google AdSense pays for 1000 page views.

What is Page Views ?

When a visitor comes to your site and reads your article and when it
moves to another article,it is considered as1page view.

A single visitor can create a lot of page views on your site, but a
page view is created only by looking at the Google new visitor.

Since a page view is recorded each time a web page is loaded, many page
views can be created by a single user on the same website. In such a
case, unique page views are usually tracked by looking at the log of how
many different visitors come to a website in a given time period.

How Much Does Adsense Pay Per 1000 Views 

Friends, it is often believed that
Adsense pays for every 1000 page views.But this is not the case,
Google Adsense only pays for the click of advertisement If you have
10 thousand page views a day on your site, but there is not a single
click on an advertisement, then you will not get money. 
Clicking on the advertisement is necessary and not the page view

How Many Clicks Per 1000 Page View

There is no fix for how many clicks are received on 1000 views, but an average is believed to have 20 clicks on 1000 page views. If
your cpc are 0.15, then I tell you how much dollars you will get

1000 page view = click x cpc = dollar 
1000 page view = 20  x  0.15 =  $ 3 dollar 

So friends, this is the form by which you can get an estimate of the
earnings, if you get more clicks on 1000 page view, then your earning
will also be more. 
It all depends on your site’s content and ads.

What is CPC?

The full form of CPC is Cost Per ClickThis is a type of payment option when a visitor comes to your
site and clicks on an advertisement 
And then Google Adsense gives you its price for that one click,
then it is called Cpc { cost per click }.

Google Adsense decides its price Which site will get one click
Cost per click, also called Pay Per click, is a mostly used
online marketing method used to bring direct traffic to a website,
in which money is paid to the website owner only by advertisers.
Their website ads are clicked.

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In today’s article, you read
how much money Google AdSense gives on 1000 pages. And
we read what is cpc.

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