How to Clear Your Clipboard History on Windows 10

From 2018, Windows 10 has included a useful features called as
Cloud Clipboard Feature that gives a access to the last 25 items
you have copied like text, link and images (Up to 4MB).
After enabling, this feature clear itself when you restart you PC every time,
except any thing you have pinned on your clipboard for regular access. New
items overwrite older copied items as you copy them to your clipboard, but
this can take long time to clear.
If you have habit to copying personal details to your clipboard, you might be
put your data security at risk. that’s why it is important to clear items from
your clipboard. if you want to know how to clear clipboard history on windows
10, So this post for you.

How to Enable and Disable Windows 10 Clipboard History

Windows 10 is not the best for privacy because Microsoft automatically
recorded your sensitive data like location tracking, invasive telemetry data
but clipboard history did not recorded by Microsoft. This feature is disabled
by default.
To enable/disable this clipboard history, you will need to open the
Windows Setting Menu. For open this setting menu, 
Step 1. Right Click the Start Menu (Windows Key + X )
Step 2. Press the Setting Menu.
How to Clear Your Clipboard History on Windows 10

Step 3. In the setting window, Press System then Press Clipboard.
Step 4. To enable or disable this feature, Press the Clipboard history slider to the On and Off position.
How to Clear Your Clipboard History on Windows 10

Once you enabled this feature, you will be access your clipboard history by pressing the (Window + V) shortcut on your keyboard. The Clipboard history will display above the notification area of the taskbar in bottom-right.
If you want to disable the clipboard feature, Windows will erase items stored there (including pinned items).

How to Clear Your Clipboard History from Window 10

There are three way for clearing your saved clipboard history on Windows 10. The fasted way to do so is to use the Clipboard panel – Windows + V to view clipboard history.
If you want to delete all of the saved items (excluding pinned items), press the three-dots menu icon, then select Clear all from the menu.
How to Clear Your Clipboard History on Windows 10

You can also delete your clipboard history by using the Windows Settings menu. For do this, right-click the Start menu and press Settings.
In the Settings menu, Click System > Clipboard. In the Clipboard menu, Click the Clear option in the Clear clipboard data section.
How to Clear Your Clipboard History on Windows 10

The final way for clearing clipboard history is to restart PC. Every time you restart, all saved items (except pinned items) are deleted from the history.

Improving Security on Windows 10

By clearing your Windows 10 clipboard history, you are ensuring that sensitive data you copy is erased as soon as it’s used. You should also need to take other steps to protect yourself, however, specially if keyloggers and malware are monitoring your keyboard
If this is the case, it’s important to schedule regular checks using the built-in Microsoft Defender antivirus.
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