How Can I Rank My Website Without Backlinks – 20 Way to Rank Website

How Can I Rank My Website Without Backlinks | 20 Way to Rank Website

Friends, in this post today, I will tell you
how you can rank your website on Google without Backlink
. Because if seen in today’s time, almost everyone created their
website and blog, etc. Friends, there is a very
easy way to rank your website on Google, so that you can easily rank your website on Google.

In today’s time competition is very high, so it is very important to rank
Friends, today I will give you some tips which if you apply on your blog,
then surely your website will be ranked.

How to rank a website on Google without backlinks?

1. Make robots.txt, sitemap.xml, and 404 pages on your website.

2. Make your website logo well and add favicons

3. On your website, you should not use custom ie in-line text

4. Whenever you write a post, you must do it with metadata and write
H1 H2 headings, short paragraphs, a photo, a video and write at least 600

5.  Buy good company hosting, domains, and SSL for your

6. Use high-quality keywords and write a long and accurate article on
And share it on social platforms like
7. First make the Sitemap, About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Term and
Conditions page on the website.

8. Use the mobile-friendly theme and if you have a custom-designed make

9. Use the Plugin to delete the Cache of your website. Then go to
Public_html and create a file named .htaccess and enter Custom Expire

10. Make sure to link some words in your post so that the viewer can
go from one page to another page

11. While writing the post, write the tag, title, and description in
the post itself.

12. Connect all social media platforms to your website and connect the
website to them as well.

13. The images you are using on your website. If you can, make them yourself
or get them made. And when using, the Alt tag must be used.

14. In the beginning, you should use only keywords with low

15. If you have got backlinks of high quality, then put them on your

16. While writing the article, you have to use the title in a paragraph
and when the article is finished, you still have to use that keyword.

17. Always use images or videos without copyright.

18. And always write correct and accurate information in your article,
do not write any wrong information 
By doing this, Google will definitely rank your article

So friends, hope the post with the rank website without backlink must
be liked.
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