What is Hacking and Types Of Hacking | Advantages and Disadvantage of Hacking

What is Hacking and Types Of Hacking |  Advantages and Disadvantage
of Hacking

In simple words, hacking
is that activity, that is changing the information on someone else’s
computer system without permission. It is unauthorized access to computer
for some illegal purpose.

so, Who does hacking? Hackers are those people who are skilled in
computer security and computer expert. By using their technical knowledge,
they use computers or modems to enter someone else’s private computers. By
hacking, they can change information, steal personal data or access
confidential information etc, which are referred to as crime and

Hackers are classified into mainly 3 divisions according to their

What is Hacking and Types Of Hacking |  Advantages and Disadvantage of Hacking

1. Ethical hacker(White hat hacking

2. Cracker(Black hat hacking

3. Grey hat hacking

1. Ethical hacker(White hat hacking – 

Ethical hacking is legal. Because they simply identify the root cause of
problems that occurred in computer networks and they try to eradicate the
weaknesses of your network. 

They have to follow some rules and regulations regarding computer

2. Cracker(Black hat
hacking –

A black hat hacker is a hacker who is considered a criminal as they
intend to leak data, data loss ,unauthorized access to a system. They also
release viruses that destroy files or steals passwords and other personal

The viruses are dangerous as they make your system slow down and

 3. Grey hat hacking – 

The grey hat is the middle one between both white and black hats. As it
involves both legal as well as an illegal activity. Sometimes they may
violate laws, but not like black hat hackers.

 Also, it is done with the intent of public interest. Unlike ethical
hacking, grey hat hacking is still illegal, as it does not take permission
from that authority, but the intentions are not that bad as black hat

But they should expect to be punished by disclosing a vulnerability to a

What is Hacking and Types Of Hacking |  Advantages and Disadvantage of Hacking

Sometimes, hacking is useful in the following cases –

If you forgot your password, hacking helps you to recover lost information.

 penetration testing is done to check your computer and network security.

 To have a computer system that prevents vicious hackers from gaining access.

 To prevent security breaches by taking preventive measures.

Hacking is Quite Dangerous If You Intend To Harm Someone. It can cause-

Denial of service attacks.

 security breach

 privacy violation.

 Malicious attack on the system.

 Unauthorized access to private information.

Moreover, hacking is a skill in the form of art, but not a crime.

But we should not misuse to harm somebody. Nowadays, it has been a
serious problem in the whole world. 

Because most hackers are indulged in these activities and blackmail
others, which is highly offensive, and as a punishment, he may go to jail
for 20 years and he has to pay a fine of $15000.

So guys , now you understand what is hacking. Friends, we will continue to share all information with you even
further. And learn hacking and use it properly. Don’t use such things

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