How To Save YOUTUBE Video in gallery

How To Save YOUTUBE Video in gallery


How to Save YOUTUBE Video in Gallery?

Friends, millions of videos are uploaded daily on YOUTUBE and nowadays the trend is going on. You people of TUBE watch you TUBE videos all day long, but sometimes you like watching a video so much that you would think that this video In any case, if you save it to my phone, then enjoy it because the video is not saved directly in the phone from YOUTUBE, so today I will tell you how to save the phone to YOUTUBE video?
How to Download Videos from YOUTUBE?

First of all, you have to download an application in your phone called VID MATE, with the help of this application, you can easily download the video of YOU TUBE by downloading and saving VID MATE. This application you will not find on PLAY STORE, this APK file. Hai, you can message me, I will provide you directly, you can email me

First of all, download or INSTALL it in your phone, then open it and once you open it, it will look like something you can see in the photo.


What to do after downloading?

After downloading, you have to open it directly and you can also horn in it, if you do not do it then it will work.

Then close it, after that you open YOU TUBE.
Then you like a video, after liking the video, you will get the option to share the same video of the video, if you click on it, there will be many options in front of you, in that you have to see an option, download the video, you have to click on it. Only you will come directly with that video in VID MATE  There you will see the option of direct download, as you can see in the photo, in that you will get very sorry QUALITY for download 144,240,360,480,720HD, 1080HD to get all these QUALITY for downloading.
As well as a funny thing, you can also convert to MP3, MP4 and download it as music.

How To Download Youtube videoHow To Download Youtube videoHow To Download Youtube video

Benefits of downloading VID MATE

  • You will get to download the video of YOU TUBE
  • You can download quality videos 480P, 720P 1080P
  • Also you can download it as MP3 MP4 music as well.
  • This application has a lot of own videos and a lot of features.


Friends how to save phone to you TUBE video? I told you this way today, hoping you would have liked this information

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