In today’s world security has become a major issue for everyone. We want to be secure in every aspect of our daily lives. From personal life to the workplace nowadays we want to be more secure. The present social system and some of its bad aspects are forcing us to be more cautious day by day.

As civilization progressed, so did our means of alertness. Many of us nowadays feel comfortable spending time on social media. Almost every household has access to social media through computers and smartphones. As a result, communication with people all over the world is possible. 

There we usually feel comfortable talking through chatting apps. There are many chatting apps where we chat on a daily basis. But several of them are unable to provide security. After all, there are very few apps that are capable of providing proper security.

Here we provide best stranger chat apps without login into you account. You can  chat any person which is online on  that application without any personal contact information.

5 Best Stranger Chat Applications Without Login

5 Best Free Stranger Chat Applications Without Login

In the current network world, very few chatting apps are there that can provide proper, reliable security. Many of us are not aware of that. We do not know their source, their usage at all. So, here this article comes with the information about the best stranger chatting apps that do not even require log-ins.

Random Chat:

Random Chat app can be found on the Google Play store. Its rating is not well-established and its size is also small, like 8.5 MB. Almost more than 5 lakh people have downloaded this app to their devices.

First, you need to download and install the app on your mobile phone. Then before starting there will be a ‘Warning’ stating some of its mandatory rules and guidelines from the makers. After confirming you will be led towards the settings option to set up your identity over the app. 

After all, you will be directed to make friends and chat with them. No log-ins are required here. Obviously, some terms and conditions are available here and you can spend money if you want to make your profile attractive to other friends.

Google Play Store Rating: 2.7*

Kippy - Dating & Relationships:

This is Kippy - Dating & Relationships live video chats app. It has a good rating overall and its size is around 16MB. Almost more than 5 thousand people have already accessed this app. 

First, you have to create your own profile on this app with a name, date of birth, gender, and other initial details. You need to choose a profile photo to make it sustainable. Then you will get to see the options of friends and you just have to choose them and start chatting.

Google Play Store Rating: 4.8*

Lemon - Very Fun Chat App:

More than 5 lakh people have already installed the Lemon - Very Fun Chat App to their system or devices. The ratings and reviews for this app are appreciable and its size is around 18MB. 

Usually, you will be directed to input some information about yourself to create a profile here after the installation of this app. Then naturally they will get the option to select friends of any gender by using the ‘Filter’ option. This is one of the trusted and secured apps.

Google Play Store Rating: 4.3*

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Hello Talk - Learn Languages:

Hello Talk is such an app where you can find friends from other regions or other countries. The overall rating is satisfactory and its size is around 118 MB. 

This is a good quality app with a well-bound security system. Almost more than 10 million people have downloaded this app. This is mainly a language teaching app. But you can easily get in touch with other people and make friendships with them. This app is also known as a dating app.

There is also a disadvantage of using the HelloTalk app. In a single day, one user can send messages only to 5 chats. Here come their terms and policies. If you boost your profile by making payments then you will be able to send messages to a maximum of 25 chats in a day.

Google Play Store Rating: 3.5*



Meetme is one of the best stranger chatting apps without log-ins. This app has a larger database than the other stranger chatting apps. More than 50 million people are registered in this app. 

At first, you just have to input some details then the app will suggest your friends randomly. You also can choose any particular area by turning on the device’s location and starting chatting with them. This app is smooth, useful, and user-friendly also. Its size is around 85MB.

Google Play Store Rating: 3.5*



Overall there are the top five best stranger chatting apps that do not demand any log-ins. People can download and install them on their phones. These are totally safe and secured with all of your information. However, as time goes on, the demand for these types of apps will continue to increase.

Thank You.

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