Here in this Blog post, we learn about how to monetize your blog with InTech Ads. Many bloggers didn't get approved by AdSense so they find another way to get ads on his site through other ad networks like, Pop Ads, Propeller Ads, InTech Ads, etc. In our post, we learn about InTech ads How we can get approved by this Ads Network.

InTech Review: How To Monetize your Blog with InTech Ads

What is InTech Ads Network?

Intech Ads is a marketplace where advertisers can sell their ads to publishers who will in turn return traffic to the advertisers. Advertisers just need to submit their ads and configure their target audience and budget using the Intech Ads advertiser account. Publishers need to generate ad codes of desired dimensions using the Intech Ads publisher account. 

You can get revenue from your website's traffic by placing ad codes from Intech Ads on your blog site. In Tech's Ad codes for displaying in text, banner, text + image ads are available formats that are capable of identifying the most relevant keywords in your websites and generating the best matching ads for the same.

Both WordPress and Blogger Blogs can monetize with the InTech Ads Network with a 90% chance of approval.

Note: InTech Ads Monetization is targeted at Nigerians Audience So Therefore they pay in Naira(Nigerian's Currency).

The amazing thing about the Intech Ad network is that the minimum withdrawal threshold which is a thousand Naira N1000.

In this article, we will be focusing on how we can monetize our blog with InTech Ads. So there is some question that comes to your mind like Is InTech Ads Legit?, Requirements to Apply for InTech Ads. etc.

Is InTech Ads Legit?

InTech Ads is 100% legit and testimonies of payment have been provided by publishers. We can say that InTech Ads is the Best Alternative for Ad sense for Nigerian publishers

Requirements to Get Approved By InTech Ads

All you need to apply and get approved by InTech Ads is a valid email, a well-structured website, quality content, compliance with Google policies. This process usually takes a minute or two. The whole stress of the Ad sense verification process does not apply to you. :)

InTech Ads Minimum Payout

Intech Ads pays publishers for CPM and CPC.

For CPM: NGN400 (1$)
For CPC: NGN1500 (3.64$)

InTech Ads Payment Method

InTech Ads are paid directly to the publisher's bank account.

InTech Ads Format

There are different ads format available for publishers and advertisers:

  • Text Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Text + Image Ads
  • Interstitial Ads
  • Video Ads
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How to Monetize Your Websites with InTech Ads in Nigeria

InTech Review: How To Monetize your Blog with InTech Ads

Follow the below steps to get monetize your websites.

  1. Visit to signup and create your free publisher account of InTech Ads.
  2. You receive a verification mail, also check the spam folder if you can't find verification mail in the primary section. Click on it and verify your account.
Note: In the case if you see something like this ""Account Inactive" on your account dashboard, Don't be panic, Intech teams are still reviewing your blog just like ad sense case. Keep checking your mail after some minutes or hours, InTech will sent another email to show that your account has been approved.

How to Insert InTech Ads codes

Once your account is successfully registered and your blog is approved, you can now insert ad codes on your blog and start earning with your traffic.

For placing or inserting InTech Ads follow the below steps

  1. Login to your InTech dashboard
  2. Click on ad codes
  3. Then click on Create.
  4. Create your first ad code and copy the code.
  5. Then paste this ad code on your blog site.

Note: If you have trouble placing ad codes on your website then let me know in the comment section. I'll be there for you.

How to Withdraw InTech Ads Earning

You can withdraw your earning on the InTech Ad Network by following the simple steps:
  1. Navigate to Payouts
  2. Enter Your Bank Details
  3. Your Earnings Will be Sent to Your Bank Account.


InTech Ads is an Ad Network that one can rely on to monetize website traffic. Every publisher wants to make money with their quality content. That's what you need to make your site well structured with good quality content and the right advertising network to avoid being scammed.

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Thank You.

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