How to Change Sender Name in Meesho?

Changing the sender's name in Meesho takes a few steps. Meesho is one of the leading online shopping applications which promotes small businesses and individuals to resell the products through social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Telegram and etc. 

Meesho provides an option to work from home and earn money through Meesho and make huge profit margins by reselling the products. So sometimes you have to change the sender name in Meesho but many people aren't able to locate the option to change the sender's name on Meesho. So in this article, we are going to show you how to change the sender name in Meesho.

Steps to Change Sender Name in Meesho

1. Locate the Meesho App: Locate the Meesho app on your mobile phone. Tap on the Meesho app icon and the app gets opended.

2. Add Item to the Cart: After the Meesho app gets opened, Select any product and add it to the cart.

Note: Don't worry you don't need to buy anything from Meesho to change the sender name on Meesho.


 3. Go to the Cart and Continue: After adding an item to the cart, tap on the cart. Now you will be able to see the details of products and supplier details also. Tap on Continue for further process to change sender name.

How to Change Sender Name in Meesho?

4. Deliver to this Address: After clicking on continue you see the 2nd step on Meesho to place an order. Now click on Deliver to this order to go for further process.

How to Change Sender Name in Meesho?

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5. Add Margin: Now at step 3 on Meesho, Tap yes for "Reselling the Order?" and add the margin which you like to add (You can add any margin because you don't need to order). Select "Cash on Delivery" for the "Payment Method". After adding the margin to the product on Meesho, click on continue to go for further process (Important Step).

How to Change Sender Name in Meesho?

6. After adding a margin and payment method, nowhere do you find an option to change "Sender Information" click on this. Check the below Image.

How to Change Sender Name in Meesho?

7. The last step after clicking on the "Sender Information" option, you can change the sender name here and write the name which you want to add and add mobile number and click on proceed. after adding all this information simply come back and close the application. The sender's name automatically changed. :)

Final Words on Changing Sender Name in meesho

Meesho Application is very easy to use and provides an opportunity to earn money with work from home. Meesho provides products at a very cost-effective price compared to other online shopping applications. Comment your views on Meesho and its products.

Thank You.

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