Amazon's Secret For Online Shopping and Services, Amazon Shopping Secrets

Amazon's Secret For Online Shopping and Services, Amazon Shopping Secrets

In the growing world of online shopping, there are a lot of big ecommerce sites, but there’s only one true legend: Amazon offers millions of items for sale in major product categories, In 2019, online retail platform Amazon reported a net income of 11.59 billion U.S. dollars.
Amazon got its start selling books. In fact, in its early days the site billed itself as the “World’s Largest Bookstore.”

Amazon's Top Secrets For Shopping 

Here in This article you find best online shopping secrets of amazon and other tips and trick.

#1 How to Buy Product With a Single Click 

Amazon's one of the best feature is 1 click ordering, where you can order any item with one single click. Normally when you want to order any item, then you have to manually order that item then checkout, address etc.

InsightAll items ordered via 1-Click within the same 90-minute period are consolidated, based on availability, into a single order. So if you order several items all at once, they’ll be combined  into a single order to reduce your shipping costs.

To use 1-Click ordering, you first have to activate it and enter some basic information. click the Your Account button at the top of any Amazon page, scroll to the Personal Information section, and click View or Change 1-Click Settings. When the next page appears, verify your shipping address and payment information and then turn on the 1-Click status.

How to Buy Product With a Single Click, Amazon's Secret For Online Shopping and Services, Amazon Shopping Secrets

#2  How to Combine Your Orders for Free Shipping-or Separate Them for Faster Delivery

When you order more than one item, you can choose to group all the items into a single shipment, which reduces your shipping charges, or to have the items split into multiple shipments, which costs more but might get your items to you faster.

If all the items are in stock (designated as shipping in 24 hours, or shipping in 2-3 days), you’re best off choosing the Group My Items Into as Few Shipments as Possible option. While this doesn’t mean you’ll actually receive the items in a single box , it does mean that Amazon will treat your order as a single shipment and charge you a single combined shipping charge. In fact, if
your order runs $25 or more of qualifying products, you’re eligible for free Super Saving Shipping - assuming you’ve chosen this group shipping option.

#3 If You Can’t Find What You Want, Try a Foreign Amazon Site

The Indian Amazon site ( isn’t the only one the company runs. Amazon also runs a number of foreign sites, offering goods for sale in other countries. Sometimes these country-specific sites offer different merchandise than what’s available in the India - even though they’ll still ship to you here in the states. Searching one of these foreign sites is a particularly good way to find foreign editions of books and CDs not generally available in the India.

Canada    -
France     -
Germany -
Japan       -
United Kingdom -

#4 How to Read Books Online on Amazon

Just as Amazon includes samples from audio CDs, it also includes samples from books - in some cases, complete chapters! That’s right, many book product listings include sample text that you can read on your computer screen. Just click the Look Inside This Book link under the cover picture and then browse through the available pages. 

#5  How to Link Amazon from Your Own Website - and Earn Commissions

Amazon's Secret For Online Shopping and Services, Amazon Shopping Secrets, amazon associates

How would you like to get into some of this e-tailing action without opening your own online store or stocking any products for sale? It’s easy; all you have to do is link to Amazon from your Website. When visitors follow your link over to Amazon and make their purchase there, you’ll earn commissions on all items sold.

Amazon encourages this sort of partnership via its Amazon Associates program. Amazon Associates earn money for every item their visitors buy from Amazon - as long as they get to Amazon from a link on the Associate’s Web site. The commission rate varies according to volume and other variables, but averages around 5% to 15% under certain conditions.

There are several different ways you can link to Amazon as an Associate. You can link to Amazon generally (typically via a banner ad) or to individual product listing pages (typically via a text or graphic link or button). You can even include a link to the Amazon Shopping Cart, so that visitors can purchase from Amazon directly from your site.

Amazon Associates Program Joining Link :

#6  How to Chat with Other Amazon Users

Amazon lets you chat in real-time with other users via its numerous category specific chat rooms. Most (but not all) Amazon stores feature Start Chatting buttons; click the button to launch the Java Chat applet and start chatting with other members of this chat room. It’s a great way to discuss specific products or categories with like-minded shoppers.

#7 Let Amazon Remind You of Important Occasions

Most special occasions are gift-buying opportunities - and, for Amazon, opportunities to sell you more stuff. It makes perfect sense, then, that Amazon offers an event reminder service that notifies you (via e-mail) of upcoming important events. And it’s no surprise that these reminder e-mails also include gift recommendations.
To set up an event reminder, go to Your Store ➪ Friends & Favorites and click the Add a Reminder link. (Or go directly to When the event reminder form appears, fill in the appropriate details (the person’s name, occasion, date, and so on), and then click the Create Reminder button. The event will now be registered with Amazon, and you’ll receive the reminder as requested.

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